PICO COMPAQ POD KIT ELEAF    {Battery not included}

Eleaf expands the already extensive iStick Pico family and announces the arrival of the iStick Pico Compaq Pod!

Connoisseurs will recognise the design specific to iStick boxes: On the top of the Pod we find the famous plug which allows to close the battery hatch. The latter serves as a housing for an 18650 battery.

Capable of sending a maximum power of 50 watts, the iStick Pico Compaq by Eleaf is equipped with an Oled screen which gives a battery of information during the vape. Compatible with GT coils, the iStick Pico Compaq Pod receives a 3.8 ml cartridge. Protected by a cap, as stylish as it is useful, the tank stands out for its great robustness and ultra-simplified filling.


Many vapers have made their debut with an iStick Pico and an astronomical number have made it their everyday box. Eleaf is riding on this success to unveil the iStick Pico Compaq Pod. The latter takes the form so endearing of the Pico. Rectangular, the Pod is adorned with beautiful curves which make the handling exceptional: The iStick Pico Compaq is a real iStick Pico! This Pod is already overshadowing the more massive boxes. A fatal beauty with devastating charm.


Unlike most pods on the market, the iStick Pico Compaq does not have a built-in battery. The Eleaf Pod requires the installation of an 18650 battery to come to life. Like all self-respecting iStick Pico, the iStick Pico Compaq has a plug on the top of its body. It will suffice to unscrew the latter to insert the battery. Thanks to this system, changing the batteries only takes a few seconds and there is no need to worry during transport. The iStick Pico Compaq can be tamed easily: Newcomers to the world of electronic cigarettes can take possession of it with their eyes closed.


Eleaf's iStick Pico Compaq is about invade the world: To fulfill its mission, the pod can count on a timeless look and multiple features. The iStick Pico Compaq is equipped with an oled screen which gives the opportunity to know the remaining autonomy or the requested power. The latter is adjustable and can reach 50 watts! The iStcik Pico Compaq is formidably effective. Highlight of the show, it is possible to manage the air flow via a sliding button placed above the switch. The iStick Pico Compaq accumulates the good points and offers the best to all vapers looking for a space-saving e-cigarette.

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Carbon Black, Guardian Gray, Keeps Purple, Carbon Silver

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