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The first thing we noticed was the amount of poor quality e-liquid in the market, bright colours and loud packaging often used to disguise the inferior product. We asked ourselves what’s all this about? Most of us in this market are just looking for a healthier way of getting our nicotine kick.

Isn’t giving up hard enough already? And even harder when you’re faced with bland flavours that make it even more of a slog. Surely it couldn’t be that hard to come up with some satisfying new flavours that make all the effort worth it?

We decided enough was enough, combined our business skills and began researching the market to create superior eliquids. Cutting corners wasn’t an option.

We teamed up with one of the UK’s best e-liquid manufacturers, and spent the first half of the year trying new flavours until we found the best ones. That was a fun few months!

And in 2019, Just Juice was born: Insanely fruity e-liquids made with the best quality ingredients on the market. They even come in cool squeezable bottles so it’s easier to fill up your e-cigs.

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