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High End Vaping Kits

The Créavap adventure began in 2012, a little by chance and a lot by passion. This year was marked by the end of my smoking. Not satisfied with my equipment, although efficient, I brought these steam objects into my workshop. Combining wood, turning and a lot of DIY. From there was born my first totally mechanical epipe. I shared my first creations on a forum. What followed, nothing would have predicted it, my first purchase requests gave me the impetus to name my workshop Créavap, the company we are then in March 2013.

My first teams were rather rudimentary. By professionalizing my creations, the necessary shapes and parts have become more complex. New designs were proposed to the public who chose our dear Gandalf as our emblem. Flagship product of my brand with the Bent.

In 2015, I wanted to diversify my achievements by designing electro boxes, now collector's boxes, such as the Poker, the K and the Ganties. That same year, my first RDA atomizer named 86 was born.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to join forces with Philippe Alves modder known as KaserMods. Together we founded Phantohm. Our first creation was a mechanical BF box, since then we have been constantly innovating and regularly developing new products. This year we are proud of our Manor: a 24mm RDA and our Phantohm M 18650 matching its very little sister the Phantohm M 18350.

We no longer present Révolute, the master of DIY and crazy flavours. In 2018, I joined the team as a research and development manager. I represent Inowire an innovative brand with an unparalleled resistive wire. We like to offer high-performance and customizable products, we have taken up the challenge with the Notos an RDA with multiple variations. Other projects are to come, business to be continued.