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Take your vaping to the next level with a mod

Mods are an essential tool for advanced vapers and those wanting to take their vaping hobby a step further. We stock a wide range of mods to suit all needs and budgets, including mods from major brands like Innokin, Geekvape, and Eleaf.

What is a mod?

In a nutshell, a mod is an advanced battery pack that provides the power to heat the e-liquid and produce the vape. Most mods will include various features, and depending on the model, these can include:

  • Variable wattage
  • Temperature control
  • User presets

Some models have in-built batteries that are charged through a USB port, others require a battery or batteries that are charged externally, although many of these have USB charge ports too. Most mods also feature an LCD screen and a menu system to adjust the various options.

Why do I need a mod?

Mods allow vapers a high degree of control over their vape habit.

They are available in multi-battery options that can last a whole day without charging or smaller versions that can easily fit in a pocket or purse. Mods are a versatile tool that can take a multitude of tanks and drippers and offer a high degree of control over aspects like wattage and temperature.

There is something for everyone in our range of mods, and if you need any advice about which mod is right for you, then please contact us.

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