Replacement Pods

Replacement Pods

Replacement pods and cartridges are necessities for anyone using pod mods or non-disposable cigalike vapor devices. ... They snap or screw into pod mod batteries, replacing spent pods that have been drained of their liquid and no longer produce vapor.

What a Pod Is


In essence, a vape pod is that sweet in-between accessory in the middle of cigalikes and mod kits. Unlike disposable e-cigs, they come with a simple snap on/in the system, an assortment of flavors, and using them is easier than finding a boutique thrift store in St. Marks.

Pod Pros

One of the best pros for pod systems is they are much, much more discreet than bulky mods. This makes them portable and easy to stock up on. You can also shove them in your pocket because most, if not all pods are leak proof and are tiny AF. Plus, there’s not much to ‘learn’ about using them other than snapping them in.

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