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KonceptXIX E-Liquids

KonceptXIX is a new range of eliquids from Vampire Vape. The brand concept features 12 flavours in total across 4 seperate collections. In case you're wondering XIX is the roman numeral for 19.


Flavours in the range include Heisenberg, Pinkman, BloodSukka, Pie Eyed, Phat Drizzle, Poley Rolly, Allday Grape, Kool Kick, TikaTaka, Sticky Spot, Golden Thrill and Get Cubed.

50ml 0mg

Add 10ml Nic Shot to make it a 3mg click link below

We started with 12 flavours and we regularly trial & release new flavours which has seen our standard range grow to 54 flavour options. We continue to develop new ranges & flavours behind the scenes to keep our flavours in line with current trends, whilst also thinking outside the box.

We also offer contract bottling services and OEM, which enables us to cover all aspects of our client’s requirements and build long-term working relationships. Everything is manufactured right here in the UK.

Nicotine Shot

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