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Charlie Chalk Pacha Mama

As a young boy, Charlie would walk door-to-door selling homegrown zucchinis to the neighborhood housewives. With his proper and undeniable charm, he had no issues charging these women five times the going rate of the zucchinis at the local grocers.

During the winter months, he would find oddly shaped rocks in his front yard, and he would paint them with colorful designs. The same housewives who bought his zucchinis… well they bought his rocks too.

A solicitor has a single goal, to encourage their customer to make a buying decision. If he is a good solicitor, as Charlie was, he will satisfy his customer while also making sure their relationship blossoms. Charlie never measured his success by how many sales he made, but on how many customers he satisfied. And for Charlie, the only way to attempt to measure his success was whether or not the customer opened that door with welcoming eyes.

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