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Disposable E-cigs

Choose convenience and simplicity with a Disposable E-cig

Disposable e-cigs are a convenient, simple, and cheap method of vaping. These are perfect for beginners wanting to try vaping for the first time but are also a great option for more experienced vapers wanting a convenient vape that slips in the pocket.

Disposable E-cigs – Not just for beginners

These are a great option for travelling, just stick one in your pocket and your main vape gear in your bag, and you’re good to go. When the battery runs out, simply dispose of them responsibly, and the job’s done!

For beginners, these make a great option thanks to them being “draw-activated” this gives them a very similar feel to cigarettes and can help when giving up smoking. They are also incredibly simple, simply unpack your disposable e-cig and start puffing!

Quality Matters!

We stock a massive range of disposable e-cigs, all from renowned manufacturers, so quality is always guaranteed. There are also flavours available to suit every taste. Amongst our range of disposable e-cigs, you will find fruit flavours, beverages, tobaccos, and menthol options.

Each disposable e-cig will last for approximately 500 – 600 puffs. When you consider that a pack of twenty cigarettes will give about 200 puffs, then the savings are plain to see! Each disposable e-cig is roughly the equivalent of 3 packs of cigarettes!

For beginners and experienced vapers alike, these are a fantastic option for slipping in your pocket and vaping all day.
If you have any questions about our range of disposable e-cigs, please contact us, we will be delighted to help.

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