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Element Chill E-liquid

Sean Ganley July 1, 2017

Element e-Liquids strives to maintain the integrity and purity of American-made e-liquid. With a broad range of unique blends and tasty basics as well as our Dripper series, Element has something for every vaper.

Success of e-cigarettes cautiously backed by Hiqa report

Sean Ganley January 31, 2017

Success of e-cigarettes cautiously backed by Hiqa report Data from Healthy Ireland reveals that 29% of smokers currently use e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking.   Image: AP/Press Association Images A REPORT BY Hiqa has acknowledged e-cigarettes’ “success” in helping people quit smoking, but says that further study is needed into their clinical and […]

Direct2uecigs Locations -map

Sean Ganley April 23, 2016

Direct2uecigs Locations -map Locations – Direct 2U Ecigs Location maps for your favorite E-liquids batteries atomizers call in to any of these locations   From Direct2uecigs Castle St Roscommon,, Sligo Town, Galway City, Leitrim ,Mayo,Limerick,Dublin,supplying Irelands No 1 Premium Gourmet Kinship wicked E-juice producing 300,000 bottles weekly from Liquid solutions Waterford.Want to give up that […]

Vaping – a new paradigm in nicotine use?

Sean Ganley April 18, 2016

Vaping – a new paradigm in nicotine use? “Vaping offers a nicotine delivery system that transitions smokers seamlessly from tobacco and that also promises not to provide any of the carcinogenic side effects normally associated with traditional smoking.”   From Direct2uecigs Castle St Roscommon, Market Square Longford, Sligo Town, Galway City, Leitrim Co Mayo,Limerick,Dublin,supplying Irelands […]

No 1 Premium Kinship e-juice produced in ireland

support February 11, 2015

Who are Kinship [wicked]e-Juice? Wicked e-juice Ltd is an Irish  company, which specialises in the supply and sale of vaping devices, e juice, or e liquid, both nationally and internationally. So what is ‘Vaping’? Vaping is the common term used by individuals who use vaping devices as a Wicked e-juice alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. […]

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