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Beginners Guide to Vaping

Beginners Guide to Vaping

Sean Ganley March 23, 2019

Beginners guide to vaping Beginners Guide to Vaping Our beginners guide to vaping will take you through all the basic information so you can switch to vaping. Finding the right vaping setup is important if you want to successfully switch over from tobacco. What’s the best style of vaporizer for you to get started? These  […]

Success of e-cigarettes cautiously backed by Hiqa report

Sean Ganley January 31, 2017

Success of e-cigarettes cautiously backed by Hiqa report Data from Healthy Ireland reveals that 29% of smokers currently use e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking.   Image: AP/Press Association Images A REPORT BY Hiqa has acknowledged e-cigarettes’ “success” in helping people quit smoking, but says that further study is needed into their clinical and […]

Sean Ganley – Direct2uecigs

Sean Ganley December 6, 2016

Sean Ganley – Direct2uecigs I was was a heavy smoker four and a half years ago.  Was at a crossroads in  life with my real estate agency crashing in the recession. My smoking had, if anything increased as a result. Then i discovered Vaping and  not looked back since. We got involved in  a major […]

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