Sean Ganley – Direct2uecigs

Sean Ganley – Direct2uecigs

I was was a heavy smoker four and a half years ago.  Was at a crossroads in  life with my real estate agency crashing in the recession. My smoking had, if anything increased as a result. Then i discovered Vaping and  not looked back since.

We got involved in  a major Vape Shop in Roscommon, and a distribution network to more than 18 different retail outlets across the midlands and West.

‘The first thing I discovered was my health,’  A fit 58 year old who walks daily,i found switching to Vaping instantly stopped my wheezing. ‘The different was immense. I love my fitness and now my breathing is easy.’

I began using Wicked’s Apple Vaping Juice from Liquid Solutions which is an Irish based Company manufacturing Premium high quality E-liquid.

In fact, despite my  previous reliance on nicotine, i now vaping between zero and 3ml of nicotine in my apple juice. ‘I have never felt healthier.

‘Menthol is by far the most popular flavour. ‘Although we find the wide range of quality products from Liquid Solutions very popular with our clients.’

We also observes that the majority of our clientele is older ‘I would estimate that the average age is thirty plus,’ giving lie to the rumor that only the young are vaping.

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