Innokin Pocketmod Coils


Innokin Pocketmod Coils


product Introduction
Innokin Pocketmod slipstream coils.



Innokin Pocketmod Coils


product Introduction
Innokin Pocketmod slipstream coils. For DL ​​(direct lung) or MTL (mouth to lung)

5 pieces in a package with 1.2 Ohm 0f 0.35 Ohm resistance.

Wicking: 100% Organic Cotton

5 pieces Innokin Pocketmod Coil

Innokin is a pioneer and world leader in the design & manufacture of leading edge e-cigarette technology and design including: magnetic connection, pen vaporizer cap, LED power indicator, ‘Vape While Charging’, VaCaps Cartridge System, InnokinCell LiPo Vape Power System, RTC (Reactive Temperature Control) Technology and much more.

The Innokin line of brands iTaste, iClear, iSub, CoolFire are known for unique designs, top quality materials, and long lasting durability.
Innokin vaporizers, e-cigs are available internationally wherever vapes are sold.

Innokin currently designs and manufacturers four internationally recognized electronic cigarette brands; iTaste, iClear, CoolFire, iSub, Gladius, Lily and the all new Innokincell. Innokin vaping mods are popular in every country where there are Vapers and Innokin mods are already available in more than 5000 Vape shops across America.

Innokin electronic cigarettes are far more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly than wasteful low-tech disposable ecigs; once you’ve vaped Innokin you’ll never waste your money on a disposable e cigarette again.

Innokin has a 10,000m2 factory in Shenzhen, China, and offices with an affiliated After Sales Service and Repair center in the United States in California. In order to ensure that our company & products are of the highest quality Innokin strictly adheres to the following certifications: ISO9001 & ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, FCC & more.

Innokin devices each have their own unique functionality and style and all of our electronic cigarettes utilize ‘easy to use’ advanced technologies which give you the ultimate vaping experience every time and anywhere.

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1.2 ohm, 0.35 ohm

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