Make a dripper more versatile than ever? Vandy Vape did it, in collaboration with El Mono Vapeador! Lovers of rather tight flavor vape and large clouds of vapor will be reconciled by the Widowmaker RDA, the Vandy Vape dripper with three different airflow rings allowing to modulate the air inlet from the most colossal to the most restrictive according to their expectations

Thanks to a collaboration with El Mono Vapeador, Vandy Vape succeeds in offering a high-performance dripper suitable for vapor vape and flavor vape, in use in top-fill or Bottom-Feeder, in single or dual coil assembly ... in short the Widowmaker RDA dripper is a bit of a dripper of all possibilities, in a reasonable format of 24mm, with a 1ml tank, and with an anti-leak design, please!

The Widowmaker RDA is classified in the category of medium-sized drippers with its 24mm in diameter and 29.7mm in height, including drip-tip, ie 20.5mm in height excluding drip-tip and top-cap. Entirely designed in stainless steel, the Widowmaker dripper appears robust despite everything and is in the style dear to Vandy vape: a matte metallic exterior with an engraved logo that takes the name of the product. But here the aesthetic of the logo is thinner than usual, with curved lines, and the body of the dripper has no grip or added engraving, which makes it aesthetically smoother and sober and gives it a more chic touch. These choices say a lot about the dripper: its vapor will be in its image, more refined.

This Widowmaker dripper is completely removable and consists of several parts assembled with extreme precision: a 24mm diameter double-post plate with a 1ml tank, an airflow cap with two large air inlets which comes to place on the tray and which then accommodates an airflow ring with smaller openings, among the three included, to channel the incoming air according to your vape desires, then two 810 drips-tips of your choice in resin, the one can be placed directly, the other requiring the installation of a metallized top-cap , keeping it a little further from the assembly than the previous one, for a less hot vapor.

The implementation of the various components of the Widowmaker dripper and the adjustments are very practical to perform.

The Widowmaker RDA comes with a 510 BF pin for perfect compatibility with bottom-feeder boxes equipped with a squonk vial, and will thus see its e-liquid capacity of 1ml greatly evolve! This specific pin is perfectly designed to allow the passage of e-liquid between the squonk vial and the Widowmaker dripper tray without any risk of unwanted leaks in the box, for optimal protection of your setup!

You will have no trouble making your assemblies on this Widowmaker dripper thanks to its 24mm diameter double-post plate. It will indeed allow you to mount single or dual coil horizontally and will be compatible with a large number of resistive wires, even thick, to be positioned very easily on the posts, with 4 clamping screws which will allow them to be kept perfectly in place . square.

The cotton will be easy to achieve thanks to the 1ml tank which will accommodate your wicks to ensure good capillarity. The liquid will in fact arrive through the center of the plate if you use this Widowmaker dripper in bottom-feeder, that is to say just under your coils.

This hole will also allow the e-liquid to descend into the squonk vial of a bottom-feeder box in the event of too large a quantity of liquid sent via the 510 BF pin during a squonk, to ensure effective protection against unexpected leaks. . And that's not the only leak protection: the design of the airflow is also ingenious in this regard.

  • 1 Widowmaker RDA Dripper (1 airflow ring and 1 810 drip-tip preinstalled);
  • 2 additional airflow rings;
  • 1 additional 810 Drip-tip;
  • 1 Accessory kit
  • 1 User manual


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