Aspire ET-S clearomizer




Aspire ET-S clearomizer


The ET-S BDC is an upgrade version of ET BDC, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding the tank with two small windows that allow you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at all times

Size:  Φ14.5mm * 74.8mm

Weight:  135g / 5 piece Pack,     34.5g / kit Pack

Available resistance:   1.6Ω(3.0-4.2V),   1.8Ω(3.0-5.0v),   2.1Ω(3.0-6.0v)

Coil Installation(Standard Version)

Simply unscrew the base hardware and remove from the tank it. Unscrew the coil and replace. Re-inset the base hardware to the tank and screw in to secure.

The TPD version is child resistant and the coil replacement steps are a little different. Invert the tank, push down the base hardware and unscrew to disengage it, then push and unscrew to remove the used coil then push and screw to install a new one. The base hardware is re-installed by pushing down and screwing in to relocate the base hardware. Note: The pressing and twisting operations in each step are performed simultaneously In both types of tan, both the standard and the TPD version, order to avoid dry burning and damage to the coil, please fill the tank before installation.





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