ISTICK RIM C KIT ELEAF   {Batteries not included}


Discover  the iStick Rim C 80 W kit from Eleaf,  a powerful, practical and design ecigarette from the famous brand of vaping equipment. This box is an evolution of the powerful iStick Rim. The iStick Rim C also has a compartment for inserting  an 18650 battery   (not included) .
The other characteristics of the kit do not change: a  powerful Melo 5 clearo  with opening upwards (and child safety),  EC-S 0.6 ohm and EC-M 0.15 ohm resistors included,  easy resistance change without having to empty your 4 ml tank and a very airy airflow, all for a very vaporous and tasty vape.
You will find in this kit 2 resistors (EC-S and EC-M), it is also suitable for all EC resistors.

The iStick Rim C, for whom?

Wondering if this  Eleaf iStick Rim C Kit  is right for you? We will tell you. This Rim C kit is powerful, it allows the reception of a battery as well as the vaping of high VG e-liquids. Features that appeal to experienced vapers.

However, it is very easy to use. This kit is therefore made for lovers of power, steam and taste who don't like to bother with complicated settings. This last detail also gives beginners in the vape the possibility of using this kit. An ecigarette for all?

A perfect looking iStick Rim C Kit

Compact, powerful, autonomous and also design! The  Rim C electronic cigarette  combines many advantages. The perfect ecig? Perhaps. Let's start with its design, the Rim C by Eleaf has the air of a tube rounded off by the power of the material, in the end its format is closer to the box, while being easily in the hand.

Its dimensions are thus particularly compact, especially for a battery box,  with 35mm x 30mm x 135mm  !

Finally, Eleaf offers its kit in many worked colors, perfect to adapt your ecigarette to your style. You will find this kit in Red, White, Gradient Blue, Obsidian Blue, Rainbow and Black.

The worthy successor of the iStick Rim from Eleaf, with a battery

We take the same ones and  start over with this iStick Rim C from Eleaf  ! Well, the same, not quite. This  iStick Rim C  incorporates all the features that made the success of the famous Rim ecigarette from Eleaf. The main change, and not the least, is the type of battery. No more built-in battery, here you have the right to a rechargeable battery. This allows you to modify the autonomy of your box as you wish. By having a spare battery with you, you can also do without recharging for long hours

With an ELEAF Melo 5 Clearomiser

This  iStick Rim C kit from the Eleaf brand  is supplied with a particularly powerful clearomiser: the Melo 5 clearo. This one has many innovative features: 

A very easy top filling system, to fill a 4 ml reservoir. This system is provided with a child protection which prevents the clearo from opening too easily.

A simple resistance change system. You just have to unclip the latter without having to empty the tank.

A very great complementarity which  allows the iStick Rim C to accept EC, EC2 and all other ECs (EC-S, EC-M, EC-N…).

An ultra airy airflow for vaping with a lot of vapor.

A set of characteristics allowing a direct vape, for e-liquids particularly  strong in VG (more than 50% VG).

Which e-liquids to vape with the iStick Rim C?

You will understand, this iStick Rim C kit allows you to vape like a pro. Like a pro, this means e-liquids with a large dose of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) in its base. These e-liquids allow the creation of a large quantity of vapor with often a lot of aromas. These e-liquids are thicker and not all clearomizers accept them.

With the Melo 5, you can test these rare e-liquids. Choose e-liquids with more than 50% VG in their base  (with the resistors included in the kit).

If you choose other resistances (classic EC for example), you can nevertheless vape e-liquids with little VG. As you wish.

A direct and airy vape

The  Melo 5 clearo is designed to provide a lot of vapor.  Everything is done for this: the Airflow (the air inlet) is very wide and adjustable thanks to a ring. However, the larger an air inlet, the greater the steam at the outlet. Then, the Melo 5 has a large drip tip to easily let all this vapor produced pass. Finally, the reservoir can accommodate 4 ml of e-liquid. Pleasant when you know that an aerial vape uses a lot of e-liquid. This kit is therefore rather compatible with a direct vape, from the drip tip directly to the lungs.

How to fill the Melo 5 from Eleaf?

Filling the Melo 5 and its 4 ml reservoir is a breeze with Eleaf  ! Here, everything happens from the top, the part above the tank slides to reveal a small entrance, it is in this that you must pour the e-liquid.

The filling system has child safety. To show the opening, you have to slightly lift the top cap. A double maneuver which prevents inadvertent opening.

The coils of the Melo 5 clearo by Eleaf

The Melo 5 clearo from the Rim C kit accepts a large number of coils,  it is the EC family which includes EC, EC2, EC-M, EC-S and many others.

However, this clearo is mainly intended for subohm EC-M and EC-S coils. It is also these resistors that are included in the kit.

resistance rims c

In the box you will find:

- An  EC-S resistance in 0.6 ohm,  for a cooler vape between 15 and 30 W

- An  EC-M resistance in 0.15 ohm  for a hot vape between 30 and 75 W

Choose according to your preference

Changing the resistance of the ELEAF Melo 5 clearo?

Clearly,  Eleaf is doing it big with this Melo 5 clearo.  The change in resistance has been completely revised compared to previous models. The handling is much easier. No need to disassemble the clearo to change the EC coil, you just need to unclip the latter once the clearo is open. The main advantage of this technique is that it is no longer necessary to empty your clearo to change the resistance. Save time, save e-liquid.

- The first way is to remove the battery from the battery and recharge it via an external battery.

- The second is to charge the battery directly in the box. To do this, connect the latter using the cable provided in the box.

A Rim C rechargeable battery with an elegant design

The Rim C battery included in this kit from Eleaf is almost identical to the battery. Still, the devil is hiding in the details, and Eleaf proves it here. The latter transformed the integrated 3000 mAh box of the Rim into a battery box.

This change is not trivial and allows greater freedom for vapers. It is thus possible to customize the autonomy of your box  by choosing the ideal battery (an 18650) . But that's not all, by keeping a spare battery in your bag, it is no longer necessary to recharge your kit after a few hours.

How does the ELEAF iStick Rim C kit work?

Simplicity  is the watchword of the iStick Rim C from Eleaf.  This ecigarette has just 3 buttons. One FIRE and two adjustment knobs.

- Switch on / off: press the FIRE 5 times.

- Vaping: Press the FIRE once and vacuum.

- Modifying the power: press the “+” or the “-”

- Access to the menu: press "+", "-" and FIRE

The modes of the iStick Rim C

There are a few modes to this iStick Rim C battery. The first is simple, it is wattage control. You can just go from 1 to 80 watts.  The other mode depends on the resistance used, only the EC-S included in the kit. It is automatic temperature control. A bypass mode is also present. Finally, a curve mode is possible, as for the Rim.

Charging the iStick Rim C battery

This  iStick Rim C battery can charge in various ways . It is in fact the battery that will have to be charged.

The safety features of the ELEAF iStick Rim kit

This kit contains a  large number of protections to secure your vape  :

- Overload protection

- Protection against over-discharge

- Automatic locking after 10 seconds of pressing the FIRE button

- Short-circuit protection

- Protection against Dry burn: the resistance is broken in to prevent overheating

- Surge protection

What's in the box of the iStick Rim C ELEAF kit

- 1 x iStick Rim C battery

- 1 x clearo MELO 5 4ml

- 1 x EC-S 0.6Ω resistor

- 1 x EC-M 0.15Ω resistor

- 1 x USB Type-C Cable resistor

- 1 x spare tank

- 2 x Manuals

- 1 x Guarantee card

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