Always at the top of technology, the Voopoo Drag S kit brings you your new compact electronic cigarette capable of everything. Elegant and extremely versatile, sophisticated but designed to support you, the Drag S e-cigarette vows to take you wherever you want!

In terms of electronic cigarettes that can do everything, Voopoo confirms its status as an expert! With the Drag S kit, the perfect balance between vaping pleasure, versatility, simplicity and elegance is once again achieved, to the delight of the majority of vapers. 

The Voopoo Drag S Kit is a big hit, and you can count on this little gem of technology packed with good ideas to take you where you want, when you want. A great name for e-cigarettes, period, that's all!

The Drag S kit is a complete pod mod e-cigarette, with a built-in battery and a "pod" cartridge as a reservoir. The cartridge of the Drag S kit uses removable resistors which are simple to replace and more economical for daily use

With the Drag S kit, Voopoo pushes the limits of nomadic vaping. In its mini format, the Drag S manages to integrate a 2500mAh battery that can reach 60W of power. The promise of a day of vaping, even taking advantage of the most energy-consuming styles of vaping that the Drag S kit allows. Voopoo achieves a great feat!

The Drag S kit uses an unbreakable plastic "pod" type tank, with a capacity of 2 ml. A good appetite for such a small kit!

The Drag S cartridge attaches to the battery with a strong magnet. Nothing to unscrew, not even its removable heating resistance, very easy to replace! Add a round tip suitable for small as well as big puffs, and you get a Drag S cartridge which does honour to the versatility and comfort of the whole kit!

The cartridge of the Drag S kit is compatible with all  Voopoo PnP coils  to vaporize your e-liquid. Discover a gigantic range of resistances acclaimed for their quality which awaits you to make you discover the vape in all its seams!

Tight, economical and realistic tight vape, powerful aerial cloud-rich vape for direct inhalation, find your favorite vape with your Drag S kit and let it adapt to your desires!

The Drag S kit and its PnP resistances are adapted to different styles of vapes, but it will take this opportunity to make you discover its cloudiest side right away! 
The Drag S electronic cigarette is thus delivered with two of the most powerful sub ohm resistors that exist, and you will automatically discover a very aerial cloudy vape:

  • 1x PnP-VM1
    0.3ohm resistance usable from 32 to 40W - Direct air inhalation suitable for low to medium nicotine levels (0 to 9mg);
  • 1x PnP-VM5
    0.2ohm resistance usable from 40 to 60W - Direct air inhalation suitable for low nicotine levels (0 to 6mg);

The Voopoo PnP resistors used by the cartridge of the Drag S kit do not have screws for quick installation! 
To install a resistance at first use, or replace it when it becomes worn:

  1. Detach the cartridge from the battery;
  2. Remove the used resistor (if necessary) from the cartridge by simply pulling it out of the tank;
  3. Insert a new resistor by pushing it fully inside the cartridge;
  4. Fill the tank and wait 10 minutes so that the resistance soaks up the e-liquid correctly.
  • 1 Drag S 2500mAh battery
  • 1 Drag S cartridge 2 ml
  • 1 resistance PnP VM1 0.3ohm (DL)
  • 1 PnP VM5 0.2ohm resistor (DL)
  • 1 USB Type-C cable
  • 1 user manual

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