Vandy Vape Mesh Wire Ka1 -5ft


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Vandy Vape Mesh Wire Ka1 -5ft

Vandy Vape

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Stainless steel fabric tape (Kanthal A1) designed for mounting on Genesis type atomizers. The KA1 model is suitable for providing a unit of 2.8 ohm per feet. After folding the Mesh, it is advisable to oxidize it with a lighter and then insert it into the atomizer slot.

We are committed to creating electronic cigarettes of superior performance, flavor, and quality - while maintaining affordability. Vandy Vape remains true to its principles of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

KA1 Stainless Steel Fabric Tape by Vandy Vape

Technical characteristics of the Vandy Vape mesh wire KA1

Length: 1,5m 
Wick size : 10x40mm Wick count 
: 80 
Resistance: 2,8ohm per feet

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