Sonset E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 50ml


Sonrise E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 50ml

Cosmic Fog

Sonrise eLiquid from Cosmic Fog features a tropical fruit blend of Passion Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, and Pineapples.


Sonset E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 50ml

Sonset E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog 50ml

A vape that can transport your body and soul to a spring time Fiji sunset. We started with a purée of Japanese Nashi pears and blended it with a French inspired Crème brûlée. The closely guarded recipe is then topped off with a generous portion of soft salted caramel. This is not a food; do not ingest. For use only in e-cigarettes..

Cosmic Fog are made in Orange County, California, and are well known among the vaping community for their balanced flavours and mixes; Milk and Honey have been a firm favourite among many vapers since its release.


Sonset has a combination of 70/30 (VG/PG).

1 Nicotine Shot 10ml =3mg

2 Nicotine Shot 10ml =6mg

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