Nasty Juice Fat Boy Mango


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Nasty Juice Fat Boy Mango

Nasty Juice Fat Boy

This is a flavour that's far from nasty. Fat Boy is a delicious mango fruity flavour that's slightly minty but not too cold. All Nasty Juice flavors boasts a superior taste profile without having an overpowering cooling aftertaste.

Fat Boy is part of Nasty Juice's signature low mint series. Nasty has taken the world by storm and the demand has skyrocketed in recent months.

If you're familiar with the tropical mango fruit, you will know that there is something extremely sinful about biting into a ripe yet super juicy mango. If it's a good mango, the delectable sensation you get when its juice slowly dribble into your mouth and down your throat is worth killing for.

While there may be many Malaysian mango flavours in the market, Fat Boy should definitely be one of your top choices, especially when you prefer lower mint variants when picking your e-liquids. Besides the totally awesome flavour profile, Nasty Juice also comes in an awesome collectible packaging.

Mango Low Mint

Nic Strength : 3mg

WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance

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3 mg, 6mg



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