BMG Royal Velvet Liquid




BMG Royal Velvet Liquid

Kinship E-juice

BMG Tobacco E-liquids

Our Royal Velvet E Juice is a strong rich tobacco flavoured juice-ideal for those used to smoking stronger type cigarettes.

BMG Royal Velvet Liquid

Tobacco Flavours

Kinship E-juice

BMG: Best selection of Tobacco E Juice and Tobacco E Liquid by Liquid Solutions.

We have created the best selection of Tobacco flavors for your electronic cigarette.

Kinship E-juice

Fundamentally, the point of sub-ohming is because it’s fun. First up, many sub-ohmers like to focus on it when they vape to try and generate the biggest clouds they can. For them, it’s about getting their ohm levels down; below that of a single ohm – and this is the lower the resistance (ohms) you vape at the more power (wattage) you’ll be vaping at and, in turn, then means big, big clouds. On top of that, though, sub-ohming can also result in more powerful flavours and warmer vapour. Many vapers enjoy the latter because it can resemble a part of the experience of smoking they used to enjoy; as to the former, that’s down to the low-resistance cotton-wicking of sub-ohm builds.

Liquid Solutions has the EQA Certification and is fully insured.

In producing their own e-liquid, the ensure that the strictest quality standards are being met at every phase of production. there e-juice contains only five ingredients, which are UE Pharmacopeia grade and carry full CoA and QA Certification.


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