Unik Tech CE4 Clearomizer





The CE4 Unik Tech is the most well-known atomizer for vaping and very popular for many first-time users. You fill the CE4 clearomizer tank with e-juice or e-liquids which are available with or without nicotine. Works with all EGO battery units and compatible with all standard vapes and batteries that are EGO threaded.

The Unik Tech   CE4 Clearomizer is a popular atomizer for refilling with e-juice and e-liquids.

Works with all EGO battery units and uses true EGO threading.

The Unik Tech   CE4 Clearomizer/Atomizer Features:

Long wick
Solid design
No leaking
1.6ml liquid capacity
Non rebuildable type
2.5 ohm resistance
*Mouthpiece drip tip color & drip tip threading may vary


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Single, Pack of 3

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