No 1 Premium Kinship e-juice produced in ireland

Who are Kinship [wicked]e-Juice?

Wicked e-juice Ltd is an Irish  company, which specialises in the supply and sale of vaping devices, e juice, or e liquid, both nationally and internationally.

So what is ‘Vaping’?

Vaping is the common term used by individuals who use vaping devices as a Wicked e-juice alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. In vaping, e-Juice (also known as e-liquid) is vaporized by a heating element in an electronic cigarette. The vapour is inhaled and then exhaled just like smoking a regular cigarette, but it does not contain all of the dangerous chemicals (4000+ chemicals) that regular tobacco cigarettes contain when smoked. Vaping provides a much cleaner, healthier and socially acceptable alternative to smoking.

What makes Kinship e-Juice different?

As opposed to all other similar products for sale, all our vaping liquids are produced in Ireland. They are made with the very best, and safest, ingredients available, and are all produced under the good manufacturing practice code.


Direct2uecigs supply premium e-juice and accessories nationwide and worldwide!
Our e=juices are manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards. Based in Castle St Roscommon, Market Square Longford, Sligo Town, Galway City, Leitrim and more branches coming soon.
Contact us directly: Sean 086 601 5634 or Matt 086 363 3559.
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