How To Choose The Perfect Vaping Mod

Selection of vaping mods.

Whether you are new to vaping or a more experienced vaper looking to upgrade your kit, sooner or later, most vapers find themselves shopping about for a new mod.

The problem is the mod market is massive, and many mods are no longer the simple devices from a few years ago. Mods give today’s vapers unprecedented control over their vape experience.

Feature laden mods now boast variable voltage wattage (VV/VW), temperature control, programmable presets, and much more. While this is great for the consumer, it does present somewhat of a problem when it comes time to treat yourself to a new mod – Just where do you start?

What is a vaping mod?

Let’s start from the beginning and quickly cover just what a mod is and what it brings to the vaping experience.

New vapers will usually begin with some kind of pod system or pen-type vape. This is great, these are fantastic devices, and for many, this is as far as their vape journey will go. But for others, the next step is to move up to a mod system.

Put simply, the mod is the power supply that heats the coil to produce vape – Simple! But underneath this simplicity is an increasingly complex array of choices.

The mod needs to be paired with a separate tank or dripper, this being the part of the overall setup where the coil, wick, and liquid are housed. Most mods and tanks use a standard fitting called a 510 connector, this ensures that tanks and mods are highly compatible with each other.

To help you select the right mod, the next section covers the main factors that can be considered when choosing a mod.

Internal or external batteries

The first factor is the battery that powers the mod. There are two common types of mod on the market as described below:

  • Internal Battery – As the name suggests, this type of mod comes with an integrated battery that is charged using a USB port. These are a fantastic option for those that don’t want the hassle of keeping a supply of batteries and separate chargers.

A great example of this type of mod is the Eleaf Power 2, which has an internal 5000mah battery and fast charging tanks to 2A USB-C charging.

While internal batteries are extremely convenient, there are a couple of considerations – The batteries are not replaceable, and vapers can simply switch batteries once the mod needs charged.

  • External Batteries – Mods that use separate batteries allow the vaper to keep extra batteries charged up to allow for a simple changeover once the batteries are discharged.

Although most vapers will use a separate battery charger, such as the Golisi O2 2.0A Fast Smart Charger, many mods also allow the batteries to be charged through a USB port as well.

The advantage of mods like the Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C, which requires separate batteries, is that the mod is not reliant on an internal battery to remain functional.

Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

The next consideration is the control that most mods offer over the amount of power that is supplied to the coil.

This is a function that allows users to incrementally increase or decrease the power supplied by the battery or batteries. This is useful for increasing the amount and intensity of the vape that is produced.

Choosing the right mod in this section is dependent on the type of vaper you are. For instance, “Cloud Chasing” vapers would want something that supplied loads of power, perhaps up to 250w, whereas this is complete overkill for casual vapers.

Typical ranges are described below:

  • Up to 20w – Simple mods like the Eleaf iStickoffer wattages of up to 20w. While this is perfect for beginners and light vapers, most vapers will move on to more powerful devices.
  • Up to 100w –These could be described as “middle of the road mods” and include models like the Wismec Reuleaux RX G 100W Mod. Mods that operate within this range or similar are the most popular as they will cover most vapers needs.
  • Up to 250w –For extreme vapers that love to produce great plumes of vapour, then mods like the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 L200 Box Mod are required.

One important factor to account for is that the maximum wattage a device produces does not make it unsuitable for those who vape at lower powers. For instance, if you usually vape at around 30watts, then it doesn’t matter whether the mod you select is rated for 80w or 200w. It will work quite happily at wattages well below its maximum.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is an advanced function that even many die-hard vapers never use. Put simply, this is a mod that uses a sensor that cuts power to the coil once the mod detects the coil has reached a predesignated temperature.

This is an advanced function and requires specialist coils that are made of certain materials like stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. The thinking behind this process is it gives a more consistent vape and prevents “dry hits”, these occur when there is no or little liquid in the wick.

The temperature range that most TC mods operate within is 100°C to 315°C.

Describing temperature control is a guide in its own right, and although some vapers swear by it, most find it over complex and unnecessary. However, most mods that feature TC also function perfectly with the function disabled.

The important factor to consider if you want to try TC is the quality of the chipset that the mod uses, as this can have a big impact on the quality of the vape, more so than with any other factor. A great place to start if you fancy trying it is the SX Mini T Class Box Mod, which is renowned for the quality of its TC functions.


Choosing a mod needn’t be complicated. Knowing your needs within just a couple of categories will soon narrow the field down.

For instance, when it comes to power, always select one that is rated to supply a power range above your normal vaping range. So, if you vape at 15watts, then a 20watt mod will give you some leeway, whereas if you vape at 20watts, then opt for a 40 or 50watt model.

Similarly, you may want the convenience of an internal battery. Once you have narrowed the choice based on these factors, then you can begin to look at things like the size of the mod – Do you need something ultra-portable? And so on.

At Direct2U, we stock a huge range of mods for all types of vapers and can help you choose the perfect mod. If you have any queries about which is the perfect mod for you then why not contact us today.