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Dripping E-juice

What, you thought were just “winging it” when they named their product? If vapers have become anything, it’s a group of perfectionists. Nothing but the ultimate experience will do.

Dripping E-juice


Dripping is vaping, hardcore style. The vaping equivalent of that guy everyone knows who spends entire Saturdays tweaking nuts and bolts in his garage (and entire Sundays with his head in the bonnet of his car). Why is he doing it? Because the drive-off-the-forecourt experience is fine for getting from A to B. His car? It’s going to be heaven on earth every time he puts his foot on the gas.

Standard vaping generally involves this: you have a tank, you fill it up with e-liquid and keep vaping what’s in the tank until it’s time for a refill. The result is an experience dependent on the power of your device and the flavour of your chosen e-liquid.

Dripping drips the e-liquid directly onto the wicking material in small amounts. That’s dainty drops right onto the atomiser’s bridge or coil, then you fire and puff. The result is a bolder, cleaner, way more intense flavour that guarantees better lung hits, bigger clouds and far more options for switching flavours.

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