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Nasty Juice

Our initial mission is to help curb people’s smoking habits also produce them with a mean to quit smoking entirely.

Our recent goal is to show that vaping is more than just vape. It encompass people’s lifestyle also health well-being. That is why, other than E-juice flavours, we also produce smoking cessation device and products such as merchandise. We started with Malaysia and Malaysians in mind, but we now had set our sight to international market as well.

NASTY WORLDWIDE is a company started by a business genius, Pak Din or Sharifuddin Bujang based in the west coast of Malaysia namely Tampin. Joined as a co-founder is Pak Din’s best partner in crime Mr. Loki. Meanwhile, Nasty Juice is an E-juice brand from Nsty Worldwide. A brand created with passion and vision also with a daring spirit, playing with flavours and only play to win because we got that NASTY!

2018 has been an exciting year for Nasty Juice and you, our most loyal and supportive Nasty Fam. You name it, we did it all for our beloved Nasty Fam.

Mid 2018 saw the release of Nasty Cotton. Our premium cotton product to be made as our fam’s high quality vaping partner. A product perfect for vape enthusiasts that crave for excellent flavour experience.

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