Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse Black

Mi Band is a smart bracelet from Xiaomi with lots of useful features. Mi Band connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can work for 30 days with no need to recharge. This new modification of Mi Band has a new feature — the heart rate monitor. During aerobic exercises the heart rate sensor allows you to control the pace, the heart rate, to handle the state of your movement at every moment, and to generally improve the work of the heart and as a result of correct load — to increase the volume of the lungs. Daily data update! Morning running? Not a problem! Fitness Bracelet Mi Band will provide you all information about the distance which you have overcome and will calculate the number of steps traveled and calories burned. Evening biking? All the better! Do not forget to wear Mi Band, and all the information about your mileage will be displayed on the smartphone screen. Even your evening meetings with friends or shopping sessions will not go unnoticed with your new assistsant! Enjoy life and your physical activity level will be in control with your new fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band.

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