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QUICKLY and EASILY find the Best E-Cig for you at Direct2ueigs Castle Street Roscommon our online Store on BMJ Journals there were 466 different brands of electronic cigarette, now in 2019, ..... the list of best e-cigarettes we have compiled.

These  types of vaporizers are best for beginners:

Small Pocket Vapes

Pocket vapes are smaller vaporizers that are designed for ease of use. They are easy to use and offer better vapor production than e-cigarettes.

Vaping Pens

Pen vaporizers are vapes that come in a pen shape . They have two main parts, an atomizer and a battery. E-liquid is placed in a tank that contains the atomizer. The atomizer is then heated by the battery to produce vapor.

Mod Vaporizers

Box mods are the most advanced  type of vaping. They feature a large battery box and a digital screen used to change the settings of your mod. mods are great if you want to increase the amount of vapor you’re inhaling. They do require you to adjust your settings in your mod device.  Mods are recommended for those that have more experience with vaping

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