Is It True E-liquids

Is It True E-liquids It's true, vapers are famous for having a hankering for orange soda — didn't you know? Well, the E-Liquid providers Is It True have known this for a heck of a long time, and they've finally decided to do something about it. They've decided to give vapers around the world what they truly want. They've decided to pack their puffs full of orange soda goodness! Picked over on the east coast of America in sunny California, the oranges they pack into their orange soda e-juice are as ripe as can be, meaning, as a result, vapers get the refreshing burst of fizzy orange bubbles that they have for so long so desperately craved in their vaping experiences. It's not just oranges that Is It True now deal with, however — they've also decided to dabble in the all of the other colours in the rainbow by, well, making rainbow  soda available to the masses. Vape the rainbow!

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