A Complete Guide to Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomier parts

A Complete Guide to Rebuildable Atomizers

For many vapers vaping isn’t just a pathway to quitting smoking, it becomes a hobby. One area where this inevitably leads is to start using rebuildable atomizers. This blog is a complete guide to rebuildable atomizers.

What is a rebuildable atomizer?

Most vapers will use atomizers that use replaceable coils. This could be in the form of a pod system or cartridge system or as a separate tank or mod system. Rebuildable systems differ as they require the user to build coils and wicks themselves.

Rebuildable atomizers come in a variety of forms:

A Complete Guide to Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

Rebuildable tank atomizers such as the excellent GeekVape Zeus X allow users to build and install coils. This is usually done on “the deck” which is then covered with a “chimney” that separates the liquid from the coil. Wicking material like cotton is used to feed the liquid onto the coil.

A Complete Guide to Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

Dripping atomizers are hugely popular. The coil is built in much the same way as with an RTA. But there is no liquid reservoir with a dripping atomizer. Instead, the liquid is manually “dripped” onto the coil and wicking material as required.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA)

This is best described as a hybrid that takes the best features of RTAs and RDAs and combines them into one device.

What are the benefits of building your coils?

There are several benefits to building your own coils. But, ultimately, for many vapers, it is purely down to the love of tinkering that sees them start to build coils.

In saying that, for those that do choose to build coils, benefits include:

●       Customise your build

One of the big draws of rebuildable atomizers is the ability to build exactly the coil you like. There are so many areas where coils affect the type of vape experience, and rebuildables let you take your favoured elements for the ultimate vape experience.

Common factors that affect the vape experience include wire material & type, electrical resistance, and wicking material.

●      Rebuildable coils can save money

Building coils and wicks can work out cheaper than pre-built coils and cartridges.

●      Never run out of coils

Finding yourself without a coil for your favourite vape tank is a real pain. With rebuildables, as long as you have a supply of wire and some cotton wool, you’re good to go.

Rebuilding Atomizer stepsHow do you build a coil?

This could be a blog in its own right. But putting it simply, the following steps provide a basic walkthrough.

1.    The Coil

The coil is the heating element that vaporises the liquid. Building a coil involves wrapping the appropriate wire tightly around a cylindrical surface like a screwdriver shaft. How many turns depends on the type of wire, the desired resistance, and the build deck. If you are uncomfortable “rolling-your-own” coil, there are also pre-rolled coils available.

2.    The Build Deck

Each atomizer has a build deck. This usually has two posts (one positive and one negative). Either end of the prepared coil is held onto these posts, usually by a screw.

3.    Wicking Material

This is usually cotton wool, although there are alternatives. This is loosely rolled and fed through the hollow centre of the installed coil. It is often necessary to feed the wick into channels where it absorbs the e-liquid.

How do you get started with rebuildables?

The easiest way to start is to purchase some pre-built coils. These are different from the cartridge type of coil as they are designed purely as the heating element for any rebuildable atomizer.

By initially doing this it allows you to bypass the trickiest part of the build, which is the coil itself.

When it comes to choosing between types of atomizers, there is a perfect solution. The Aspire Quad-Flex Survival kit allows vapers to try an RDA, RDTA, and a more typical cartridge vape all in one bundle.

Please get in touch if you need any advice on any aspect of vaping. Our friendly team of experts can help you get the most from your vaping.